My Valentine

Alla hjärtans dag (vilket även råkar vara min födelsedag) närmar sig med stormsteg, och i år kommer jag att fira i Stockholm med familjen, men dessvärre utan pojkvännen. Det är lite jobbigt när man har två högtider att fira på samma dag, det hade varit lite bättre att sprida ut det lite, och det är precis vad vi tänkt göra i år! När vi ändå inte kan fira någon av dem på den riktiga dagen tänkte vi i efterhand fira min födelsedag en dag och alla hjärtans dag en annan. Tänk så bra det kan lösa sig, och det ska bli kul att få fira dem separat i år.

Här kommer lite alla hjärtans dags inspiration med lite saker jag inte hade tackat nej till på kärlekens dag. Och vem säger att det inte kan vara presenter till sig själv?


Spets bh // Face Mask // Armband // Innetofflor // Morgonrock // Parfym // Doftljus // Mobilskal // Underklädes set //Örhängen // Pyjamas set // Doftpinnar

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    1. L’expression « blanc bonnet et bonnet blanc » est bien plus ancienne, on la trouvera en 1640 dans les recherches italiennes et françaises d’Antoine Oudin.N’en déduisons pas que les babouvistes en 1969 avaient 3 siècles de retard…

    2. business for his profession fell off noticeably after the Beatles became popular, and remained relatively low during the long-hair hippie days into the '70s. So, even though we need barbers to keep cutting our hair, we may need more or fewer depending on prevailing styles and fads.BTW, "Shave and a haircut – two bits" was the actual price for those services about a hundred years ago, but 25 cents could buy a lot more then than it can now…

    3. Hi everyone! I finished up exams on Tuesday and have been sitting in a televisual stupor ever since. Well, not entirely – I did manage to catch up with Beppie, Mary, orlando and assorted readers during the week, too! I hope my brain will recover soon so that I can do things like write and put off all the life admin I’ve been putting off during the semester. Tomorrow I’m going to sit with my guinea pigs and read.

    4. Eli Whitney’s cotton engine made gang labor slavery tremendously profitable.Slavery for most small farmers and artisans, i.e. most common type of slaveholder, was already shown to be less profitable than wage labor. That was not the point or the appeal of slavery. Thankfully (for my ancestors in Tennessee at least) Lincoln did not listen to arguments such as yours which were quite popular in both the North and South by slavers and their appeasers.

    5. « Alors arrêtez d’appeler BARBARES ceux qui souhaitent un peu de flexibilité dans la langue, et qui désirent créer les mots dont ils ont besoin et qui manquent encore. »Entièrement d’accord avec vous.

    6. dit :Fincasor : Qué Alexia ? Alexiane !Elsonia : DTC ?Will : Tu seras un gens bon dans mon coeur …Fran : Y’a que Sonia qu’a le droit de fumer des Vogue … Point barre.F. : Enfourche le moule bite que ça nous refoute un peu d’ambiance.

    7. Eu sempre fui muito fâ de Medium, mas achei esse episódio bem estranho tb…Em casa, a segunda feira é o único dia que todo mundo senta junto pra assisitir os seriados, momento de diversão e troca de idéias sobre os episódios… =)Medium, Lost e Grey´s Anatomy.(e CSI, qdo reprisava às 23hrs)Mas esse episódio deixou todo mundo meio sem entender que raios tava acontecendo… ainda bem que a noite só tava começando…rsrsSucesso!

    8. Sorry, Tam. For once, I failed to read the original article. I did not realize the ban included bars. That IS stupid. Smoking and drinking go together. I've been aware of that fact for my whole life. Funny thing is, that's about the only place I can tolerate breathing cigarette smoke for any length of time. For some reason, alcohol seems to moderate my Nicotine allergy.

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    10. Thanks for popping by, Angela. Yeah, I’m thrilled with the T2i. It’s my first DSLR so I have nothing to compare it with, but it blows my old point & shoot out of the water. I too am looking at a professional camera down the road, maybe next year. Not sure if it’ll be a Canon (or Nikon), but it’ll be full frame for sure.

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    12. Les banques Suisses bougent imperceptiblement et sûremnet sous influence des pressions internationnales et aussi de la base du peuple. Avant nous (Suisses) faisions la différence entre la fraude et l’évasions fiscale … mais finalement les deux sont de l’argent (encore) impunément pris à d’autres pays ! Ne relâchez pas la pressions, nous y survivrons

    13. IMO, we absolutely should work on the networking technologies, and the man-machine interface. The faster humans can run, the less chance there is of dropping the baton of human knowledge as we pass it on. and I don't disagree. However, I see many orders of magnitude more work going into those things than into AGI already, like I said….

    14. Rosa del Napoli vincitore del primo scudetto (campionato 86/87)PortieriClaudio GarellaRaffaele Di FuscoDifensoriTebaldo BigliardiGiuseppe BruscolottiCiro FerraraMoreno FerrarioMassimo FilardiAlessandro RenicaGiuseppe VolpecinaAntonio CarannanteRaimondo MarinoCentrocampistiSalvatore BagniFernando De NapoliFrancesco RomanoLuciano SolaCostanzo CelestiniLuigi CaffarelliCiro MuroAttaccantiAndrea CarnevaleBruno GiordanoDiego Armando MaradonaPietro PuzoneEtà media 24,13. Noterete che c’è una bella differenza con l’età media della rosa attuale, é inferiore all’età della squadra di serie A attualmente più giovane.

    15. Becky, thank goodness for your thread. Please confirm that the Full Moon Partyers are ok. So concerned for our friends, and haven’t heard back from relatives in Ireland.Best, Nicole in SF, CA

    16. Brad, thoughts on DiCaprio’s performance and why the change in position? If he can’t win under Tarantino, how is this guy going to score his (overdue) Oscar. I know you hate the ‘Oscar for most overdue Actor’ category, but do you find his performance so close to the bubble line even so early in the race?

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    24. >> Cechia non esiste.>Non ha senso. Queste parole esistono dal momento che vengono usate. Già mi vedo uno tanto tempo fa dire "Italia non esiste, si chiama Vitelia" :DQuindi seguendo il tuo ragionamento esiste anche la Cecoslovacchia, visto che si usa.

    25. Prezado Raimundo Nonato Se o caro amigo maranhense (com esse nome, com certeza é de São Luiz) puder me ajudar, pergunto: o que diabo é “ficar no toante” ? Um abraço, PauloPS. Não se arrete não, com a brincadeira.

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    29. Caustic activist voices are fine, if they’re artful. George Harriman’s Krazy Kat and Ignatz is an artful cartoon, Garfield is not. I would say that the FSM is in line with Family Circle on this scale.Kathy Acker and William S. Burroughs wouldn’t have developed the FSM. They were about as caustic as you get on the LGBT scene. Spinoza is what I would recommend, or Borges. But I’m a cultural snob. : )

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    37. Hi there I make a similar recipe. I make the salsa the cebolla (onion marinade) first. I make stock from the shrimp shells. When the stock is done I add a little bit of fresh pepper and about 1/4 cup of ketchup (for about 2 lbs of shrimp) and mix. I cook the shrimp let it cool then I combine the onion marinade & shrimp. Then I add about 1/2 cup – 1 cup of the stock (depending on how soupy you like it)to the ceviche mixture. Serve over white rice and add some of the fantastic juice on top! Yummy.

    38. Well thank you! It has been a busy month and has certainly gone by with in a blink of an eye! So needless to say time has gotten away from me!! It certainly is the little gestures that show true feelings p.s. duely noted…gravatar will be ignored

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    40. yep, droooooling! Sounds like a wonderful trip. So envious… And, I teach my 2nd graders to write an ending that goes baaaaacccckkkk to the story, not away from it. Your ending is a perfect example of this….won’t be sharing it with my 2nd graders but I sure do appreciate the ‘wine’ visual as a way to remember to remind them to go baaaaaccckkk to the story when they end it. thanks so much for this! Inspiring.

    41. Hey love — Evie doesn’t have Vit A as a supp, she does have eggs, cheese and goat’s butter… I don’t have Vit A supps, I rely, like most vegans, on the hope that I can convert. That’s great as an adult, but I wouldn’t impose that on a kiddie Not sure if you’d want to go for tests? No Vit A in ortho-bone vegan supps, which is what we have. I don’t know about the non-vegan version. LOVE xx

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    52. I feel like such an idiot ! I had no idea that you had gone to culinary school ! No wonder ! Anyway , I share your passion for food and I am really glad that you have put up this website . I agree with your vision and I look forward to learning more.

    53. That’s a lot of flounder. I think I would be sick of eating that much every day, but I guess there is a cost to success. Glad you answered the morning cardio question as I had the same concern about if interfering with muscle gains.

    54. Thanks Lenore! It’s just how I see things. Carri – I loved that day in Cork! The parade, the old guy on the lion, trading maple syrup for crepes, visiting the museum and the church, and ending with a bang in Midleton. AWESOME.

    55. Thank you for sharing this part of your life…I have always believed that every child to be given a chance to live, because you don’t know who they will be when they grow up. They may mean something to someone , and enrich their life with love….as well as make a difference in the world

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    59. Stephen Colbert just brought up the whole viking/raping/pillaging/maruading thing in The Word segment on thursday I believe. Since he's a huge D&D/fantasy guy, it was pretty well done. Plenty of references to nordic lore.So, there's that.

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    63. jarrelle · I would have never thought of adding curry to my chicken salad but i will definitely try that next time around. and yes grapes are the best in it. sometimes i’ll shred some granny smith apple in mine! and i also never order it from a restaurant because they always put way too much mayo!

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    65. Det är ju precis denna typ av observationer som gör Twitter bra. Tror jag. Aldrig använt Twitter och jag försöker stå emot, precis som jag gjorde med FaceBook. Men vad hände? Nog fan är jag där. Men inte på Twitter. Ännu. Men sådana saker SKULLE göra Twitter bra.

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    67. Het is maar een woord Luud ;-). Aangepast. Met je NL-vb’en presentatie heb ik wat problemen met het geluid, dus valt het nog af te wachten hoe ik die online krijg. Bij je Int-vb’en filmpje heb ik trouwens ook maar even jou beeld kunnen gebruiken, omdat na een paar minuten er enkel nog maar duisternis te zien was ;-).

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    69. I don't even know what this is! I'm guessing an Indian dipping sauce since you've been featuring recipes from your Indian dinner. LOL–just looked at the comments above and saw I was correct–I'm a genius! 😉

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    71. As a librarian you will have come across countless books where the author is unknown. This can be for political reasons – the people in power don’t like your gender, your sexuality, your religion or your views or it can just be for privacy. This doesn’t mean that what they write lacks veracity. It means the reader has to judge the information by what is written not by the standing of the author. As a librarian this ought to be a snap.

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