I helgen har vi varit i huset i Cannes och glassat. Jag, Nils och Kalle åkte hit för att ha det lite nice och sitta med ett grupparbete vi håller på med. Vi har hunnit med lite av varje, men kanske främst det första! Vi blir nog kvar någon dag till innan vi åker tillbaka till Lyon. Här kommer lite bilder från helgen, vi har haft riktigt tur med vädret så det har blivit många timmar i solen vid poolen. Jag har till och med lyckats bränna mig lite, aj aj!






Vi har såklart passat på att laga en massa god mat också. I lördags blev det en riktigt härlig brunch med crêpes med nutella och frukt. Sen har vi lagat lite frutti di mare och hunnit med ett riktigt långkok med pulled pork igår, himmelskt gott!! Tänkte slänga upp ett recept sen.










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  10. We had exactly the same configuration in exactly the same position this time last year circa dec. -jan. What have they got going in that part of the NULLARBOR? .Last year we were besieged by extremely hot weather and that circle was there too before the photo was taken down . Also we had birds dropping out of the sky round Esperance way I'm not sure of the precise time .Also on two different occasions the Moon had a ring like effect round it .What would have caused that? It was like that for many many hours on both occasions

  11. U know what? The crap coming out of his mouth just adds a some credibility to the sterotypical BS that America already believes right now. Do you realize how many Black women who DON’T care who Black men date? Many Black women have entirely too much their plates to even be bothered- busineses AND families to run. He speaks on a couple of Black women who didn’t holla back. I’m sure it was a reason…like being married or just being a little too zesty!

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  15. Wow – I knew teachers were tough but…I am sorry you have had to live with this much pain, and I am really, really glad that you got a 2nd opinion. It is funny how doctors think they are so learned, and they don't trust our own experiences… Good for you to know that something was 'wrong'. I am glad it is going to get fixed. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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  23. Thanks for this article. It goes a long way towards explaining what I (German born, catholic raised and politically conservative)considered as an inexplicable tendancy to mass suicide/homicide by those anti semites who call themselves Jews, eg those demonisers of Israel who belong to the Judenhass promoting BDS mob. I hope that you are right in suggesting that this "wave" is on the way out, although – looking around the net and at media like BBC, ABC & SBS (in Australia) etc. I cannot completely share your optimism.Psst, is Adam your brother?

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