Frukost i regnet


Här sitter jag i soffan medan regnet vräker ner där ute. Idag bjuds det på riktig storm här nere så jag tänker inte lämna huset mer än jag måste. Jag har precis ätit en riktig långfrukost under en filt i soffan framför nya säsongen av Grace and Frankie. Så mysig serie!

Jag är en riktigt väderstyrd människa och regnar det ute, ja då hittar ni mig under en filt inomhus. Så det är precis där jag kommer att stanna idag, tillsammans med mina pluggböcker. 

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  1. My back still has a slight curve to it but it’s definitely a lot better, and it feels better too. I still experience pain, especially when it’s cold outside, but it’s worth it. I was at 72 degrees (they measure the curve by degrees) and they perform emergency surgery at 75 degrees because at that point it will start crushing your lungs and other organs, so I was high risk and I’m really glad they decided not to wait anymore and I don’t have to worry my family as much.

    1. I’m surprised LoT. No screen tearing frame to see? Why were you moving the cam so slowly on the 360 version when the PS3 version was practically jolting back and forth? I mean I am buying the 360 version, and I wanted to know if I really was going to get an equal or better experience to the PS3′s graupics–bht you guys have played it so well that I know I’m not getting the same experience. Why the hell would you do that? I just want to know the truth.VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 4 votes)

    2. A gazdaság, az állam csupán eszköz az ember általános életminőségének javításához.Azt nem tudhatjuk, hogy a kapitalizmust követő gazdaság hogy fog működni, mint ahogy azt sem, hogy a képviseleti demokráciát felváltó politikai struktúra milyen lesz, de az biztos, hogy az állam szerepe erősen csökkenni fog, hogy a helyi politikának, a közvetlen demokráciának biztosítson döntő szerepet.No, persze ehhez fel kell nőni az emberiségnek.

    3. Writing is so myserious. Attempts to explain it almost always seem to end up in these maxims that, which sounding good and even being good, are hard for people to actually put into use in a real writing life.Let’s face it. It’s hard for writers to explain this strange process of following the words that come spilling out of both your mind and your gut.

    4. I really love your website.. Great colors & theme. Did you develop this website yourself? Please reply back as I’m hoping to create my own personal website and would like to learn where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named. Many thanks!

    5. It is worse than that, of course. I select the whole document and then (illogically) go under PARAGRAPH and select single spacing… but only SOME of the document then goes single space! Whole swathes of it remain double spaced no matter what I do, Monstrous. In Word Perfect all I have to do is "show codes" and any such travesty can be eliminated by erasing the offending command. SOBs

    6. I’ve had a lot of people suggest that I freeze my chobani and try it as “ice cream” but I’ve never seen it pictured before! So glad you made it and it truly does look incredible! I know what I’m doing with my mango 16 oz tub in the fridge right now

    7. Robyn, I forgot to give you well wishes. I'm glad he's okay and things turn out perfectly all right.The next audition is not till Saturday, so I have time to prepare. And Fiends, thank you for all the … all the Fiendliness. It's really great.

    8. Hej !!Fin-fint som vanligt…sas-skalen speciellt ar ju super…..vill ha !!!!Ha det bra och smaklig maltid !!Lustigt nog ska vi ocksa ha bland annat kantareller i kvall, men jag tror jag smorsteker….goda vanner som kommer tar med sig fina viner,for mannen saljer just viner…snacka om att ha tur…det galler att valja sina bekanta …!!!!Ha en bra kvall och helg,Monica i Rom

    9. Haha, dat is heel herkenbaar! Zeker ook die stiekeme foto’s, volgens mij kom ik ook in veel Chinese fotoboeken voor. Maar dan niet omdat ik lang ben (ik heb een Chinese lengte…). En LOVE Chinees eten inderdaad. Zelf vond ik het trouwens heel leuk dat je zo makkelijk aan de praat raakt met mensen in de supermarkt etc. Vind jij dat ook?

    10. Danon | le 13 août 2009 à 23:07 @ Alex–“Ce blog est en effet véritablement “insupportable”.” –Qu’est-ce que tu fous là ? Casse toi pauv’c..- 1) Jamais de tiret dans le prénom de Pierre Henri.- 2) Jamais mention de son nom de famille.- 3) jamais ce « faux »-style impersonnel.C’est de très mauvais goût. Je devine qui c’est. Suffit. Merci

    11. Tamamdır, sadece ev bilgilerini bıraktım. Benim ev ve iÅŸyerim nispeten yakın sayılır, meteoerolojik olarak önemli farklılıklar olmuyor, fakat özellikle Ä°stanbul’da TEM Hattında , 150 m ve üzeri rakım da iÅŸyerleri olanlar, bence mutlaka rumuzlarında iÅŸ yerlerini belirtsin.

    12. Minä olen tänään käynyt kaksi kertaa yhden nettikirjakaupan aletarjontaa läpi, klikkaillut kirjoja ostoskoriin ja tajunnut, että en ihan totta voi koko ajan vain ostaa uusia. Jotenkin on silti sellainen kutina, että ehkä huomenna sorrun… ;)Hyviä löytöjä olet kyllä tehnyt!

    13. It is astounding to me that the potential liability issue kills the possibility of US produced parts becoming integral to the build of this lovely little bike! I would hope that all the aftermarket bits that the bike cries out for will be made here, at least. And I hope that they make a bucketload of money for those companies prepared to take a punt.All the best to CCW for giving it a go. Well done!

    14. And I wish they’d take the emphasis off humans. I like the aliens more. And they almost seemed to forget the best moments are when everyone is working together towards the same goal. (It filled me with joy when a couple Krogan, some turians and a salarian ran past together to kick some husk ass. Also when members of all the (major) species in the buildings tried to take down a Reaper, until that bastard killed them all.)

    15. …………………………….I do have to agree with Anon here – I just don’t see a military solution to this issue and I’m sorry but who gives Israel the right to destroy infrastructure like this? How can Lebanon come back from this? And surely all that Israel is doing is creating 10 Terrorists for every one building they destroy. What do the rest of you think?

    16. This is great drama with excellent background.But in Shutter Island I didn’t get that with Di Caprio and I think maybe he’s crossed that threshold where I can see him and appreciate him as a serious actor, I think he has probably earned it with the roles he’s done over the years.

    17. Oh yes, that is a serious allergy and should be explained to anyone watching her. I have friends who also have to keep Epi-pens around for the same reason, and I’ve watched them use them, too. It’s scary.A birthday party with a Hummer limo? Wow, swanky party for elementary school!

    18. Typical entitlement mentality. This person expects everybody to do everything for them – Indians or what do Canadians call them, NATIVES.Just like USA has the Blacks thinking everything is owed to them.I’d hate to see this persons home bathroom……. SICK

    19. shg, Very true. That was my point in mentioning super-duper-lawyer Gerry Spence, but it applies to slightly less famous persons such as yourself or anyone else with a real-world track record. There is the issue of whether the writer of Simple Justice is the “real” Scott Greenfield that we can read about elsewhere, but at this point I think it’s safe to assume that if you aren’t the real Scott Greenfield, he would have sued you for defamation by by now.

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    22. Merci du conseil c’est ce que je fais habiltuellement mais le livre de Mystery ça peut être long avant que je le trouve en bibliothèque vu le sous-financement des bibliothèques québécoises et je voulais le voir tout de suite, et pour ce qui est de le trouver sur une biblio en ligne ça je sais pas trop , à moins de connaître de bons sites de pirates

    23. BotoxGreat (judge) you are of people you know nothing about. I have yet to state my beliefs or used the words “god” or “bible” in my posts.Talk of “communication mannerism”??? You can’t even seem to pay attention to what you write and can’t define or give an answer to the main question that I have asked you…far less pay attention to how quick you are being “judgmental” concerning persons who have only posted a couple of times and refer to them as trolls. Other people’s opinions seem to offend your grand standing of wanting to be an Alpha Male on here.

    24. Hey Jamie – I remember the diary/pen days as well and somehow that diary didn’t suck me in like my laptop now does! Back then I would talk to more travelers in a single day than I probably do in a week or more now and I would have more group dinners, group outings and interesting adventures with those I met.I was talking with my friend who wrote me the email I mentioned in the post and we both agreed how lucky we were to have traveled before technology ruled our lives.

    25. gabri04/10/2010Voyelles di Rimbaud ( 1872) associa vocali, colori, immagini. Ne indico alcune parti: A, noir, E blanc, I rouge, U vert, O bleu: voyelles. ……………………………………………………………. O, supre^me Clairion plein des strideurs étrangeres, Silence traversé des Mondes et des Anges; – O l’Omega, rayon violet des Ses yeaux.

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    27. I think the reverse — a fixed line connection is discretionary, a mobile connection will be standard:- Fixed connections are more expensive unless you use a lot of data — especially when you take voice into account too.- Fixed connections are expensive and awkward to move when you move house.- Fixed connections require that you have an ADSL modem with WiFi and a WiFi capable computer or phone — all that you need for a mobile connection is an iPhone class mobile.And mobile services will continue to improve in speed and fall in price over the next few years.

    28. “amo parlare con il cuore”se per questo “Dal di dentro infatti, cioè dal cuore degli uomini, escono i propositi di male: impurità, furti, omicidi, 22adultèri, avidità, malvagità, inganno, dissolutezza, invidia, calunnia, superbia, stoltezza.” Mc 7“cercando di accogliere il Vangelo”Quale ? Perchè se non è quello tramandato dalla Chiesa non è vero Vangelo. E spetta ad essa darne la retta interpretazione.

    29. Seems like Google is looking into streaming movies into theaters. That's all I can think of as a use for this now. If so cool. Lots of haters on here, as usual. Most of those are just smart enough to pull their underpants on in the morning & haven't done anything of note ever.My favorite comments are from tools that started with "first" even though they were 18th & 20th respectively.

    30. Love how classic and simple these are, but still so striking.Just wondering if you wanted to exchange blogroll links? I’m such a big fan of your blog. I’ve been AWOL from blogging for a bit but now that I’m back and more dedicated than ever I want to establish new connections and blog friendships. Get in touch and let me know :)HANNAH †[][]…

    31. I ordered these for my daughters room. They arrived in perfect condition and carefully packed. We hung them on the wall as directed and they have been in place for over a year now. They still look as good as the day we put them up. I think this is a good product and it delivers what it promises. I would recommend this to someone who wants an easy, cute, and economical way to decorate a wall.

    32. Ben oui, j’ai trouvé cette histoire dans le livre sur les lullyputiens…Outre la toccata de Bach dans Fantasia, je me rappelle que le film de Walt Disney contient aussi la « nuit sur le mont chauve » de Moussorgski. Mais bon, je vois pas encore bien le rapport. Une jambe de bois et en plus il serait chauve ? Pas gâté le mec … ! Je continue de chercher.

    33. Corollary to my post on #46…Dwight is busted for not getting a trade preference and plays with Kobe and Pau for one year.When his player option comes at the end of next season, he has been accustomed to playing in front of Stars, near his fiancee’s residence and competing for the WCF Finals plus the dream of taking void in contracts with Kobe and Pau last contract year in 2013, don’t you think he would be play to be a sucker for another year provided he becomes the face of the franchise in 2014?Nothing personal but just plain economics.

    34. liebe barbara, wenn eine “gartenverrückte” keine lust zum jäten hat, gibt es noch eine alternative – sie könnte ihre beste freundin anrufen und mit ihr einen plausch abhalten…..

    35. Caro LdA,Apenas um reparo: parece-me que João Pereira ainda tinha 2 anos de contrato. Caso o contrato terminasse na próxima época, não estranharia os valores divulgados. Assim, e ainda que tenha ficado satisfeito por ver abrir as portas a Pereirinha e a Cedric, parece-me que o vendemos abaixo do expectável.

    36. Hi everyone,Since over a year has passed since we published this post, we're closing the comments to help us focus on the work ahead. If you still have a question or comment you'd like to discuss, free to visit and/or post your topic in our .Thanks and take care,The Webmaster Central Team

    37. Who would do something like that? My sister and her family live right down the road from there and going to the “DrinkBox” was one of our simple pleasures that we really treasured. I hope somebody rebuilds it. I’d volunteer some labor. I live in St. Augustine now but I would come home to help rebuild the “DrinkBox”. Anybody got a couple of church pews they want to donate?

    38. the average person until now. As some of my fellow travel blogger have mentioned, Thailand, Mexico and Berlin are just a few of the places in the world where you can live comfortably for under $1000

    39. weh mas pancen kreatip tenan kok kowe kilna ning kok potone ora kabeh….??????wah diskriminasi tenan koq…..sesuk tambahi meneh yo…..nek perlu tampilke video klipe mbok darmi…ben kabeh podho ngertihe…he…he…

    40. Got thru an entire working life without ever having to use algebra. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I had to use long division. I get Steve's point that you gotta ask most kids to give algebra a try, if only to see who might be up for it. But, practically speaking, in my case, everything that was inflicted on me past basic arithmetic: pure torture, and completely useless and pointless. Hey, I'm super-ultraglad there are people out there who are competent at the harder kinds of math. But why should everyone have to be?

    41. Sandra: La verdad es que sí… :)Tina: Gracias por tus bellas palabras, me has conmovido mucho <3 Un abrazo!Brenda: Muchas gracias, cierto, esa frase en la boquita de mi bebé es lo máááááximo :DCatalina: Muchas gracias, igualmente para ti!Carol: Of course :)Nane: Thanks :) Totalmente afortunados <3DuTiTia: Muchas gracias, felicidades para ti también :)Abrazos a todas…Louma

    42. Hei pÃ¥ dæi!Hylle blei kjempefin. Gjør sæi fort med litt maling og en herlig tapet!Lampa likte æi ogsÃ¥ kjempegodt. har lenge tenkt Ã¥ prøve mæi pÃ¥ Ã¥ sy lampeskjærm, men tenke det e litt vanskelig… E det det?HÃ¥pe du har en fin kveldklæm

    43. yap ragazze che gaso xD ho fatto la scoperta dell’acqua calda, adesso posso mettere il famoso cuoricino in parte al nome *.* quindi, non spaventatevi, sarò sempre io ma con un nome più decente xD#tantononmicaganessuno# xDciau!♥ vvb

    44. about how the book talks more about history rather than being about horror. I remember one scene where the father and the daughter are sitting in a cafe in Hungary (I think) and it is raining outside and I remember liking that scene very much. Reading your review made me feel nostalgic and makes me want to read the book again. I loved that melody on Kostova’s site. Thanks for giving the link. Thanks also for this wonderful review.

    45. Ja wunderbar, wie du dich immer weiter in die Materie einarbeitest und nebenbei Tipps und Hinweise lieferst. Habe das Sweet Home 3D ausprobiert. war etwas verwirrt und finde es etwas umstaendlich. Aber immerhin. Endlich etwas handfestes. Habe nur noch nicht rausgefunden, wie man die zusaetzlichen Moebel importiert. Das waere fuer die Optik ne schlecht.Danke fuer die Vorarbeit. Weiter so ;o) >>> jule aka sittah

    46. I am Praising God for this news!! What a wonderful gift for all of you!! Roslyn, you really are a wonderful writer. I think you are late all the time with those things the world deems important because you are doing the things God wants you to do: taking care of your family, listening to friends, caring about PEOPLE!! You have the gift of making everyone around you feel special!! I know you make me feel that way. And you are very special to me!! Love and Blessings to you, Jim, Jack, Leigh Anne and especially ROB!!

    47. Get the rego plate and report it to head office, as high as you can go, this driver at the least deserves the sack then charging with dangerous driving and losing his licence. Perhaps next weekend someone could travel behind with a camera, film it and take it to the police?

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    49. yo fui a un centro comercial y tine de esos baños familiares, tienen 2 baños, 2 lavamanos y un cambiador para bb con cinturon y todo para que no se caiga, estan de lujo, porque todo esta en un cuarto enorme y aparte los demas baños que son normales verdad es como un cuartito antes, y tiene el dibujo de papa, mama y bebe, son 2 baños asi, pero en el baño de mujeres tambien se puede, cuando hay mucha gente para entrar al familiar. solo que ahi si estas a la vista de todos jeje

    50. Me parece muy chula la customización, las bailarinas son preciosas. Yo también ando dándole vueltas a cómo mejorar unas mías negras, pero que son mucho más feas que estas. Son básicas también pero muy cerradas (por eso no me gustan mucho) pero me da pena porque están nuevas y son de piel, pero de aquellas clásicas con un lacito de cordón. Así que tengo que decidirme y hacerles algo chulo también.Un beso!

    51. This post will be sent to all my perplexed non-Jewish Conservative friends who agonize over why most American Jews seem to vote liberal no matter what. Also, please, please, please get yourself a good proofreader!! You write quickly and brilliantly, but not necessarily accurately. Too many typos spoil the meaning. For example: "This is how I grew up, and while for many, the Liberal Jew in the norm," Don't you mean "is" the norm? Or do you mean "in the main"? See what I mean?

    52. Exactly look how there currently comparing the al queda bombing in Nigeria and they have a Mosque with in walking distants of where over 499 people died from the bomb of a Muslim terrorist so we should be like them. media mind control 101

    53. Hello, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam remarks? If so how do you reduce it, any plugin or anything you can recommend? I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any support is very much appreciated.

    54. BellaEaso: Como te comenté en otyra epoca, antes de los hechos gloriosos del 15 de Setiembre, no lo los vascos nacemos donde queremos, sino que mi abuela paterna era tan vasca que se remontaba a los que tiraban piedras en Roncesvalles contra el Doncel Rolando. Y encima me casé con una chica que tambien tiene origenes vascos.Total, ya me lo decía mi madre: Tienes cara de Alpargata, como los vascos ( y sin intención de ofender).

    55. Bom dia!Gostaria de informações pois estou morando no RJ e casarei no civil em BC,estou pensando no dia 12 de janeiro e terei de 20 a 25 convidados ainda estou analizando isso e gostaria de saber a disposição do restaurante pois gosto muito dele.Saber valores,bebidas enfim como seria se realizasse meu jantar de casamento no restaurante.Fico a espera.Obrigada.Heloisa

    56. onu britanique | (11:39) ba combattants mutu na bino lumbala alingaka jkk te mais aliaka grand cope na kagame pe kabarebe es ce que bozo comprendre te que bofingaka nabino a tord joseph kabila? bo reflechir bien

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    1. celebrar este gran número nos gustaría invitaros a una faict¡sÃnta comida maridaje en El Celler Calmarino. Como para todos no podrá ser hemos pensado en hacer un pequeño concurso. Sólo nos tenéis que

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    3. Discovery Institutella on tarpeeksi tekemistä Expelled!leffan kanssa. Heidän pitää vakuutella ihmisille, että elokuva liittyy jotenkin akateemiseen maailmaan ja tieteeeen, eikä Jumalan pelkäämiseen. Abraham on ollut alusta lähtien avoin ja reilu kreationisti, joten häntä on hankala pukea ID:n kaapuun.

    4. There are some fascinating time limits in this article however I don’t know if I see all of them center to heart. There may be some validity but I’ll take maintain opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as effectively

    5. Jorge Eliécer dicen que las cosas se atraen con el pensamiento… quizá el Mundo Virtual, me quiere poner pilas en eso de los “On line”. ¿Será que el Niño Dios me va a dar un premio por ser una buena persona? Más bien creo que el 28 de diciembre al abrir el correo por fin encontraré una respuesta: ¡Pásalo por inocente!

    6. One Jewish lady in the article didn't like her kid being given a picture of Jesus at school to color in. OK, so how many of you good Christians would welcome your public school kid being given a picture of Ganesh or Mohammed to color in?EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, under the circumstances. (Those circumstances being that we had chosen to live among members of another religion.)

    7. Balzacien!YR et n’est pas bien difficile , à l’image de son talent! L’un se dit de gauche, l’autre pas . Le premier est un peu moins à droite que le second.Anne s’abaissera-t-elle à suivre son machiste au fmi ou sa conscience qu’elle dit de gauche sera-t-elle embarrassée?

    8. Fernanda:Você é pura poesia, emoção, energia e coragem. Quando expõe, se expõe, e ao fazê-lo se desnuda sem pudor ou precauções. Nisso está a beleza do seus versos.Estou certo de que a poesia irá levá-la a escrever um belo romance, que eu acho que tem a sua cara. Estou certo de que irá escrevê-lo de forma natural. Aposto nisso.Um abraço afetuoso de quem lhe estima muito mesmo sem conhecê-la pessoalmente.Mauricio A Costa.

    9. What year is this?When was the last time any boxer was the biggest thing in the USA?Sure you may get a bum deal but ya gotta admit a big part of that is your sport's high point was more than 40 years ago.DeLaHoya may get a pass but still, he was never the biggest thing in America…Football, baseball, basketball, NASCAR, hockey…. and ultimate fighting.

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    12. Não é por causa disso. É por ingratidão. Tenho tido a gentileza de responder a todos que aqui veem, exceto os mal educados. E eles gostam de me provocar. Tenho tido a paciência de procurar em outros blogs os nomes dessas pessoas que mais me escrevem e não os encontro.

    13. Sinceramente: ojalá no tuvieran que existir iniciativas como la de este barco. Y ojalá no existieran porque las mujeres tuvieran la libertad de hacer con su cuerpo lo que quisieran y lo que fuera mejor para su cuerpo, mente y alma..Por desgracia, como tú dices, lo que prima es la puñetera hipocresía, como siempre: no dejemos que el pueblo haga lo que yo no quiero que hagan, pero yo cuando lo necesite ya lo haré.. fuera.. para que nadie se de cuenta.Fatal..Besos..

    14. I do agree with all the concepts you’ve offered to your post. They’re very convincing and will definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are very brief for starters. Could you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

    15. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

    16. Haven’t read Hannibal Rising but find the obsession with deconstructing Lecter slightly unhealthy.Was always much more fascinated by Harris’s ‘sane yet can navigate ”memory palaces”‘characters:Will Graham and Clarice Starling.Reminds me of Capote and Perry Smith..two sides of a coin and all that

    17. John G February 25, 2011 00:27So have you guys given up on the idea that the yanks will trade a prospect or two for a fourth/fifth starter, or maybe a “name” prospect for a #2/#3? I’m not saying they should (I actually like Nova) because I know how every friggin trade starts with the other team asking for Montero, Romine or one of the B’s. 1  4

    18. Try to lure her out with treats. Feed her some treats first, show her that it tastes good. Then slowly start moving the treats away inch by inch. And make sure she’s taking it from your hand, don’t just sit it down on the ground.References : Was this answer helpful?

    19. this is cool. but too fast… although there is a 50% speed. hoho. anddd is the first one is “”There’s nothin’ wrong with lovin’ who you are”She said, “‘Cause He made you perfect, babe”“So hold your head up, girl and you’ll go far,Listen to me when I say” ” ????

    20. reading and photocopying books from the library and short loans articles, but rather than encouraging open critical minds for democracy or the ability to flourish in a globalised world we have been lead down the garden path of ”false charity or equity” instead?

    21. You beat me to it Zach. I'd almost write another post just on that layout, but the official announcement is coming on August 9th. So we'll know all of the details soon enough. I can't even imagine a double barrel roll on a woodie-ish coaster. Insane!!!!

    22. This past spring I got to photograph a Birmingham men’s clothing shop, Harrison Limited. Last month I photographed some items for their Fall/Winter collection. I recently purchased two oxford shirts (made by New England Shirt Company) from Harrison and I am in love with them. If you haven’t been into their shop in Mountain Brook, I highly recommend it.

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    26. I also think that Raddatz did a terrific job (and to think that if it hadn’t been for a petition from some high school girls, we wouldn’t have had any woman moderate a debate…).To Ryans debating skills: he’s ok, unless you actually read his words and sentences. That he didn’t say “We’ll close loopholes by closing them!” is all (he might have actually said that, now that I think about it…).Good post.

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    44. parents – Wonderful Party, thank you again to those who had helped & made this wedding happen, it was a warm, cozy, energetic party that we ever had. We are so proud of you two, may our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless your marriage, the Holy Spirit stand between you and tie you together, and be protected by our Heavenly Father till He comes again.

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