Tillbaka på hyllan

Godmorgon! Här sitter jag och smaskar i mig frukost. Lyckades äntligen hitta mitt favvoknäckebröd här i butiken, som de äntligen hade fått in. Så nu välkomnar jag avokado på knäckebröd tillbaka till min frukostmeny med öppna armar! De hade även fått in nektariner i butiken, sånt sommartecken! Här i Frankrike kan man verkligen tyda årstiden genom att bara gå in i matbutiken, allt är säsongsbaserat och det är få frukter och grönsaker som finns året om. Det är lite skillnad från de svenska matbutikerna där allt finns året om. Det känns ganska vettigt och hälsosamt, och lite charmigt, att ha det såhär tills man bestämt sig för att laga något och det inte finns någonstans att få tag på. Den frustrationen alltså!

Idag blir det liksom resten av den här veckan mest plugg, och så kanske lite pauser i solen också. Nu när det bara är Nils och jag här nere vore det så skönt att kunna få undan det mesta plugget så att vi hinner umgås med våra familjer och vänner hemma i Sverige sen.

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  1. Eu nao consigo sair aqui na Italia assim, mesmo quando saio pra ir ao restaurante, com -4,-5 e as vezes atè -10 acho um pouco impossivel pelo menos para mim, se nao eu congelo, kkkkkkkkkkkkk. Tambèm gostaria de ver looks como disse a Irina. Bjs sempre linda a Vivian!

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    2. Hej Sarahlouise.Her har mylicon og zoneterapi virket. Cykle med benene og lav øvelse med at føre hans ben rundt med uret ned mod maven og rundt. Vær ikke bange for at presse en smule mod hans mave (ikke ligge vægt på). Mange siger også chokolade er no go når man ammer ;o)

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    7. I currently have Pluto edging closer to my natal Mars in the 6th house (he is within a one degree orb right now).The energy is tricky, I can't quite feel it yet (or haven't been able to identify it as Pluto) but I am prepared for whatever it brings!:)~ Jacqueline

    8. Ã…rh, det ser lækkert ud! Og ja, det er pÃ¥ en eller anden mÃ¥de mere motiverende at fÃ¥ det leveret til døren. SÃ¥ du artiklen om at “bokse sine grøntsager op” i Politiken den anden dag? Det handlede om at man sagtens kan skære alle sine grøntsager ud og sÃ¥ have dem liggende parat i køleskabet i op til 6 dage for ligesom at gøre det hele nemmere.

    9. Ah, we are facing that same future dilemma. My fiance grew up with a SAHM and thinks that’s best and I grew up in daycare with a working mom and in my opinion, turned out perfectly fine. My parents and I were always close and our bond wasn’t hurt at all by me being in daycare.All I can offer is words of support that there is no right or wrong option, just what works best for you and your family. Good luck with the decision making.Looking forward to meeting your little man!

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    11. Sultan, you say that there is a "growing Muslim power rising in Latin America". What do you know about it? Can you give me some references or links? I just don't believe it. I don't believe there is anything like what is going in the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Britain and the US.One of the reasons that I don't believe it is because a good part of the booming Muslim populations in these areas is due to public welfare programs and there are no public welfare programs in Latin America.

    12. Hi Jill,Please contact the Light House during normal business hours at (415) 431-1481. Please ask for Kate Williams. She will be able to get you more info on training. The positions posted on the web can be applied to at any time. Please read the posting and refer to the contact organization to apply. The posting is only for reference. Best,Sharon

    13. A church friend of mine, who I am beginning to see more and more as a Christian mentor in faith is running with you today. I learned of this event from her yesterday, and was excited to see this post today.Hope the run goes well, and more people sign up to sponsor children through World Vision!

    14. I sure didn’t realize that those microwaveable packets (stuffed inside teddy bears or neck pillows, etc. and usually scented with lavendar) also contain flax seeds! I started looking at some of mine and–sure enough!–flax seeds was one of the ingredients. I’m going to give them away to friends right away. Thanks, Melissa, I didn’t realize that those things could be dangerous to use if you have a severe flaxseed allergy which has caused anaphylactic shock!

    15. i’m will cindy…i have done booties on the flower loom, but would love to make them like yours!!! ie, i would need the loom and the pattern (all i currently have is the knifty knitter set of flower to green round looms). can you help me out! the hospital will love me!!!

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    27. On March 26, I attended the "No Tankers Rally" in Vancouver, BC. I was almost in tears after hearing descriptions from First Nations speakers about how development of the Alberta Tar Sands had destroyed their land and their lives. I look forward to hearing that the Indigenous Peoples of the boreal forest are able to continue with their lifestyle and traditions for many generations to come.

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    2. Also, I wish there were more focus on preventing sexual assault and rape in prisons. It’s a disturbing and endemic problem and it is often completely neglected discussions of rape culture in feminist circles. To see prison rape conflated with just punishment for people who are convicted of crimes is very sad indeed.

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    17. Fab tips, I always like to pack a snack of fruit of cereal bar, all that shopping and those hot stores can make me dizzy! :-) I'm going to brave the shops tomorrow, not really looking for sales though, due to the bad weather this is my chance to spend my Boots points on a Christmas treat for myself. Poss 1-2 items from Chanel, now that would be a treat – for me anyways. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Diane x

    18. Thanks Angela. I’m glad you found this useful and that it spoke to you. It’s so true – at the heart of all this is that not-so-nice to ourselves attitude that has “not enough time” as the only valid reason to say no.[]

    19. Tolle und wirklich einfache Idee für einen Adventskalender. Glaube zwar nicht, dass ich hier in Dubai auch nur eine der Sachen auftreiben kann, die du benutzt hast, aber die Idee werde ich irgendwie umsetzen…;-)

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    23. sono molto onorato del numero tondo, anche perchè il “tondo”, vista la mia stazza, mi si addice!!! )))…mi hai tolto un peso, perché è da ieri che mi chiedevo dove l’avevo letto…io ho provato una volta in giardino ma il risultato è stato quantomeno deprimente, allora mi accontento, se così si può dire, di vederli tutti insiemi nei campi….

    24. Meagan, I can't wait to see what you decide to do for your post!! I felt brave to just do a full body shot…no way I'd do it in a bikini! (Plus, the only one I own is from my honeymoom, 8 years ago…when I knew the only person that'd I ever see again was my hubby!)

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    25. Hi Bob, an interesting journey back in time. I didn't make it to India quite in your time but remember visiting the TN shelters in 1983 (?) together with Shirley R and Ajit B. Have sadly lost touch with your yin/yang former colleague Gunnar but am sure he would love to read this account if he could. Good to know the TN shelters are still being put to good use – I wonder about the Andhra ones, has anyone been to any of them in the last years…? And as you imply, at the end of the day it's only those with little imagination that need impact indicators…All the best, Alistair

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    2. Mahlzeit,erstmal danke für die auflistung, das hilft mir ein großes stück weiter. Ebenso die Bilder ^^ nur eine frage hab ich. Was ist mit “Treffpunkt” bei Traumkarrieren gemeint? das teil ist mir irgendwie noch nie aufgefallen.

    3. You would have had more views. Quite a few of us couldn't get the feed to work and watched on Discovery. I was able to watch the first part of the launch and ascent but after about an hour I kept getting an error message. That was a CRAZY event, though and I'm so glad I got to see it. One SERIOUSLY giant step for man.

    4. RodrigoMe añado al problema de querer cambiar el diccionario pero no tener la opción “change primary dictionary”.En mi modelo la opción cambiar el diccionario por defecto. Me deja poner uno para ingles y otro para español pero mi Kindle solo usa el español y el ingles se niega a usarlo aunque me de deja seleccionarlo como diccionario.Tengo el kindle configurado en ingles y aún asi.Gracias por cualquier posible solución.

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    9. , she acted as if she was not at all responsible for this tragedy and the interviewer allowed her to perpetrate this falsehood.The Today show is horrible Journalism IMO and this is a prime example why I rarely watch it.Thank you for allowing me to respond. I was so upset that when I got to work this morning I googled the topic to see if anyone else was as upset as I and was happy to find this posting as I could vent…

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    14. True story, Abby. We have been lucky to hear and repeat the mantras of sustainable teaching. Shall I paraphrase them here? “No special place in heaven for people who martyr themselves teaching.” “Last to arrive, first to leave.” “It is arrogant to believe that having a slightly better lesson, or even better year, will make all the difference in the life a child who has so many other influences in their day.” etc…You keep preaching; I’ll keep trying

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    18. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of human/dino hybrid shooting bad guys and fighting crime is everything a 10 year old me could ever want in a movie, but why in the world would they ever call it a Jurassic Park movie?It’s like saying “I got this idea for a sequel to Shawshank Redemption! It’s about an ex-con who is released from Shawshank and put into a secret government program that sends him 10,000 years in the future where he becomes half cyborg and falls in love with an alien fugitive.”

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    24. Jadzia has already (actually I have) read three series. I do like this books a lot. Although they are meant for older girls, she seems to understand them pretty well. I’m sure she’ll read them again when she’s older.

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    26. …but the constant helicopters and the fear on public transport and the police swaggering around like they run the place…Ahh, but they do run the place. They aren’t supposed to, you are — but they do. I feel for you guys. I really do. I am not sure where you guys are headed, but I know that we “Yanks” find ourselves . I hope you all can take action to avoid the same for yourselves.Take care.


    28. Linne It’s very refreshing to see positive career advice about English degrees. I’m so used to the doomsday references on most news websites! Thank you for your hard work. And English degrees do get work. I have a B.A. in English with an Editing minor, and I’m doing just fine as a freelance writer.

    29. I take it you are a conservative then.What would you rather everyone did? Stick their heads in the sand and keep on pretending that alternative energy doesn’t need to be found? Ignore the problem at hand? Keep the status quo? At least we are concerned enough to want to do something. Even if you don’t believe in climate change (global warming) , the oil reserves won’t last forever.Donna

    30. Pour moi la religion est forcément politique dans le sens où elle s’établit sur un dogme. Distinction à faire vis-à-vis de la foi qui finalement ne regarde que l’individu… quitte à ce qu’il croit voir des barbus assis sur des nuages ou des troupeaux de vierges enamourées !De là à faire un dogme de nos visions ou de nos fantasmes et toutes les dérives de la religion nous sont accessibles, rejoignant même instantanément celles de la politique.Bref, on est loin de la real-politic là non ?Imagin’…

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    32. PM, did you just write that Vick is getting a second chance because he is black? Do you, by any chance, ever watch football? Please reconsider that post. If you want I will even delete it for you. I am sure you don't want to be associated with that garbage you just wrote. Even if you did write it as Anon.

    33. I had a couple of people come to mind during your sermon. are very much chronic mopers and complainers. And consequently, aren’t very sympathetic to the needs of others. In their case, I think the 2nd is a symptom of the first. are so wrapped up in themselves, don’t have time to think about all the other truly hurting people out there. Most of the time, if we can just look beyond ourselves, we will realize that where we are isn’t nearly as bad as we thought. Thanks for sharing a great sermon!

    34. Apparently it isn't a big deal for Kroger employees and those involved to blow off showing up to a meeting by Kroger investigators so that they don't have to go on the record with answers. I think it'll be a whole new ballgame trying to dodge government/state/federal investigations. Sadly, this is no fun for anyone involved, especially Karl. Hang in there.

    35. Domnul Eminescu cam cocheta cu Budismul și alte religii/credințe orientale (un soi de proto-hipie așa, cu tot cu droguri, posibil și sex că de undeva trebuie să fi luat sifilisul), chiar ateu nu cred să fie.Cred că se aplică legea lui cutărescu de zice că nu poți face diferența între o farsă și o ideologie absurdă, dar eu cred că domnii scriitori fac un soi de trolaj acilea. Sau poate nu-i chiar o coincidență că sunt o ligă.

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    37. I hope Bill is not still chained to the air conditioner. That would be mean. Hopefully someone handed him a cell phone…And agreed with the idea that if the band comes back out together they should bring something new into it.. I think they can at this point Good interview.

    38. Jag hÃ¥ller med föregÃ¥ende talare: Du har flyt i pennan, ett fängslande sprÃ¥k. Du fÃ¥ngar nÃ¥got som är sÃ¥ tragiskt – att klyftan mellan olika grupper i vÃ¥rt samhälle bara tycks öka. Och det i en tid dÃ¥ vi mer än nÃ¥nsin behöver hÃ¥lla samman.

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    2. Steve Montador is 33 yrs old and has been out for about a yr due to a concussion, I seriously doubt he will be playing NHL hockey anytime soon. I’m not sure the CBA rules on buying an injuried player out but its doubtful( in my opinion) he suits up for the Hawks this season.

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